Queen's Award for Voluntary Service 2020

Please help us keep Our Vision Our Future open. Continued cuts to social care means we need to find additional funding to keep going.

Our Vision Our future is currently closed due to Covid 19, but we are active on Facebook - please join us on there where you can share your ideas for staying fit, well and entertained at home.

Welcome to Our Vision Our Future! We are a self advocacy group based in Chesterfield, run by and for adults with learning disabilities. All the decisions that move our group forward are made by the members themselves. As they say, 'Don't ask our support workers, ask us!'

We are proof that self advocacy can change lives. Many people who come to us have been told for years that they can't do the things they want to do. Not true! Through the mutual support, knowledge and information members share with each other they grow in confidence, learn about their rights and are more able to make decisions that are good for them and make them happy. Find out more here.

We support people to be as independent as possible. Members are fully involved and know their views are taken seriously, so are more willing to speak up and make choices for themselves. They are happier, more relaxed and confident. Self esteem and self worth improves health and wellbeing.

With the right support so many things are possible - have a look at our current annual report for full details.

Check the schedule of activities for the month to see what's on.

Here are some of the activities we've arranged through lockdown - there are plenty more to come!

  • Walking in lockdown
  • Socially distanced basketball
  • Out and about
  • Lisa's autumnal artwork
  • Chris's Halloween pumpkin
Playing basketball
Out walking
Lisa and her autumnal creation
Chris with his pumpkin

Our Mission Statement

Meet our members
#7: Alex Sanderson

Alex Sanderson


I live in...

Hobbies and interests
I am interested in watching TV, walking and drama.

What I like about OVOF
I like coming here because I have a voluntary job as Treasurer.