What we do

Exterior of OVOF

We are an independent, community based charity a few minutes' walk from Chesterfield town centre. We are open three days a week for members to come and use resources, take part in activities and days out, use the computers ... whatever you feel like. This might be...

The list is endless - find your creativity and express yourself! Have a look at our photo galleries to see some of the things we have done.

We asked our members what it is that makes OVOF so special. Here's what they said...


"OVOF helped me get out of a unhappy situation. I learned about shared lives here, where I now live. Helped me emotionally physically and mentally. I was angry and depressed but now I am happy."

Alex Sanderson

"OVOF is a big part of my life a safe place to meet. All my friends are here we talk and laugh a lot they help me sort out my problems when I'm sad or angry. They keep me well. They care about me, I'm listened to this makes me happy when I'm upset. My reading skills have got better. I achieve a lot; it keeps my confidence and independence up.

Because of OVOF my friend and I go on holiday together without staff. OVOF supported me to make a complaint when my carer was nasty and unkind to me."

Sally Dean


"I feel useful and important, I have jobs to do. I see my friends we have fun. It keeps me busy and makes me happy. It's helped my temper."

Stephen Curzon


"OVOF gives me purpose, something to get out of bed for. I've used day centres and don't like them. It's friendly here, we all get on. We can choose what we do and where we go. We can do as much or as little as we like. I like reading.

We put on a show for the public it was great. OVOF helped me when I got locked out my home when no one else cared."

David McCabe


"OVOF gives us access to a real life, we learn self advocacy, our rights. I was treated like a child before coming here. OVOF saw my ability and helped me become the confident, independent woman I am. I have a fiancé who I met here we plan to live together in a bungalow; OVOF supported this when people tried to hold us back.

I have made lots of friends and have a social life. I have purpose and worth using my skills, reading, writing, Braille. Taking our Hate Crime Presentation into schools."

Maria Britland


"Gives me something to get out of bed for. It gives me purpose and self worth as I have jobs to do and help others. My friends are here, we are a sociable group and have a lot of fun, this helps my mental health and wellbeing.

We get accessible information and help to speak up for ourselves and others and support to do as much as is possible for ourselves."

Tim Proctor

Lisa Jones

"It makes a big difference to my life I love it, my friends are here, we have fun it keeps me happy and well. I have purpose and worth as I have jobs to do – subs, cleaning, in charge of bingo.

I've learned to speak up for myself and others. We care about each other, look out for each other. OVOF makes me stronger and confident."

Lisa Jones


"It allows me to socialise with other people, to have friends. I get access to the computers and help to use them and get information. I'm treated like an equal.

I have responsibilities – setting up the computers and the karaoke equipment, I support members to use it. I enjoy singing. I'm more confident and outgoing. I get involved in meetings about OVOF I listen and help make decisions, my opinion is valued."

Tom Wildman